17 April 2012

Long Harry Styles imagine III

You come home from school (you moved to London and bought a house with Harry over there but you really wanted to continue school.), when you open the door, you find Harry's shoes.
"Harry? Are you there?"
Nobody answers. You start looking in the kitchen and the living room but you can't find him. You look frustrating. You decide to start looking everywhere, behind & inside everything he could hide, but you can't find him. 
While looking at the stairs you decide to go upstairs, while walking upstairs you find his shirt on the stairs.
You smile, "Only Harry!"
When you're upstairs you look for more clothes, you find more and more clothes and you follow them. Suddenly you stand in front of the bathroom, you open the door and find Harry in bath filled with rose petals. The bathtub is surrounded with candles, the lights are off.
You put your hands over your mouth.
"Harry, it's amazing! So sweet! You really didn't have to do this!"
"Baby, for you I do everything!"
You put a big smile on your face and Harry smiles to.
"I missed you so much!"
"I missed you too sweetheart! And now get in, I feel a little lonely sitting here!"
You laugh and take your clothes off, Harry is staring at you.
"I can't take my clothes off if you're staring like that!"
"I'll stop staring but how can you not look at your perfect body?"
"Still stop staring, you're making me feel nervous!"
Harry stops staring at you and you can continue taking of your clothes, then you get into the bathtub.
Harry smiles and kisses you.
"What did I miss those soft lips of you and those wonderful kisses it gives!"
You laugh, "I missed you too!"
He looks sad at you.
"And also your lips and your kisses of course!"
He smiles and kisses you again this time he turns it into a long passionate kiss. You cuddle up to him and he holds you tight. You lie like that for a while talking about everything, seen it has been a long time since you've seen each other.
After some time the water gets cold so you get out of the bathtub.
"So shall we make this a naked evening?" 
Harry looks at you cheekily, you laugh to him.
"Why not?"
Harry looks really happy at you like he is almost about to scream and jump around of happiness.
"Did you close the curtains?"
"No, I didn't expect a naked evening!"
Both of you laugh and you take a towel to dry yourself. You take two blankets out of your bedroom to cover your body while going downstairs. When you're downstairs both of you close all the curtains as fast as possible. 
When you're done you almost run into each other, you look deep into each other smiling. You bite on your bottom lip.
"I brought some food with me so we can make dinner together now!"
"Good! I didn't have much food left!"
Both of you smile, Harry throws his blanket away.
"You should do the same now, otherwise it won't be a naked evening!"
You smile at him and he walks to the kitchen, you throw away the blanket and go after him.
You start cooking and after some time having fun, Harry feeds you a little bit to taste if everything is good, you smile at him.
"It's delicious!"
Harry smiles at you, he looks to your lips. You don't doubt at all and start to give him a passionate kiss. 
A little later Harry stops, you look at him disappointed.
"I'm sorry, sweetheart but we don't want burned food!"
You laugh and you continue cooking, Harry asks you to watch the food while he's preparing something. After some time he comes back and you put the food on plates and then you walk after him to the dining table. You see he covered it with rose petals and put on some candles. You look at him smiling.
"You really really didn't have to do this! But if every time you come back will be like this…"
He smiles to you and gives you a gentle kiss on the lips while you're talking.
Then you're gonna eat but you can't take your eyes of each other.

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