17 April 2012

Long Niall Horan Imagine II

It's the second day of the camp, after some breakfast, you rig up your gear . Laure explains some things you wanna try and then you go on the water. You try and try and try, after a while someone calls you back.
"What's up?"
"Those five guys over there, do you see them?"
"Yes, what's with them?"
"They say they're One direction and they came for you."
"WHAT? You're kidding me, aren't you?"
"No I'm not! I'm very serious!"
You look closer to them and you see it's really One Direction.
"Okay I believe you, Tell them I'll be there within a few minutes!"
You're looking for air, you see how he walks to them and tells them what you told him to tell them. They look your way and wave. Omg did they really do that. You're standing in the water half, you let yourself fall back into the water. You get underwater and then your body get up and floats because of your wetsuit. You stand up and take a deep breath, you put back the hair that's in your face. Then you take your equipment and walk out of the water. You put down your equipment on the shore and then you walk to them.
'Can't believe I'm really doing this, Why are they here? Why for me? They look so good today…' 
You totally dream away while walking their way, it seems like you're waking in a movie cause you're moving so slow and they seem to light up.
'Baby you light up my world like nobody else!'
Suddenly you stand in front of them.
"Hi… you came for me?"
"yes, you joined our competition?"
"Yes! But I didn't expect you would really come!"
"Well here we are, you convinced us with the description of this place and it looks like it's all true!"
Finally they were coming to your country and they would visit one of their fans at a place they love and where they spend the most of their time. You joined this with this wonderful place where you are now. Your description said:
'I spend all my summers at Brouwersdam, a wonderful place with a shop, restaurant and a windsurf and sail center where you can rent equipment and take some lessons. At the first sight it looks wonderful because of the beautiful center and you always see some people on the water, but when you get to know the place better you see that it's more than that, the people who come there often do that because windsurfing is their life and this is one of the best places of Europe to windsurf. And the windsurfing lifestyle is kinda the same as the surfing lifestyle, people are hanging around, having fun, you can feel this windsurf vibe through the whole place and we love to party! If this is not enough to come here, I don't know how I can ever get you to meet this place another time!"
They did what you wanted them to do, it's incredible!
"So we can sit over there if you would like to."
"we would absolutely love to!"
You lead them to a very comfortable place, in the corner of the terrace, where you have a two big benches with comfortable pillows, so you can relax there after a surf session. The lads take a seat and you keep standing cause you're totally wet. You smile at them very shy. They look at you waiting for you to say something but still smiling.
Suddenly you see Laure and you remember you wanted to ask her something.
"one second!" 
And you run away her way.
"Hi Laure! I wanted to ask you something! The spock is going well now and I thought if you can teach the flaka or something to me, I'll have some different things to try, so I can change you understand?"
"Oh yeah I can teach that to you! Shall we go over there to start?"
"Yes, I just have to tell them I'm going back and everything, I'll meet you within a few minutes!"
You walk back.
"Guys I'm about to go back on the water but first I'm being told how to do it. You can come with me and watch if you like!"
"I think we all would really like to see that!"
You go to the place where you and Laure would meet and One Direction follows you.
"Hi Laure, I want to introduce you to some people. Guys, this is Laure! Laure, this is Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn!"
"Nice to meet you!"
"Nice to meet you too!"
Laure explains the techniques of the flaka and then you're going on the water with Laure.
"guys I'm glad you're here but I really have to go back on the water! Tomorrow this wind will be gone, so it's my last chance. Are you still here tomorrow?"
"Yes we are! We are staying here at this lovely place if possible."
"So what about me teaching you how to windsurf tomorrow?"
"That would be really awesome!"
"Then let's do it! You can watch if you want and you can sit at the same place again, ask them to make that our special place or something! The One Direction corner!"
You get into the water and try as much as you can. You fall and fall and try and try. They were looking for some time but after a while they went back to that corner again.
After a while it's time to stop cause otherwise you can't stall your equipment anymore. After you changed and brought some stuff you have left to your room, you go back to the lads.
"Did you enjoy your afternoon? I'm sorry I left you behind!"
"It's okay, we had fun and it was nice to watch you! You're really good!"
You smile. "Thanks! So what about going to reception now, asking them if there are rooms available ?"
You walk to the reception, you ask everything for them cause they don't speak your language.
"They have rooms but not one room for 5 persons, but they have one for 4 and one for 2!"
"I think we should take that one but it's gonna be difficult."
"Well I'll offer myself to be the roommate of one of you, if you would think that's better?"
"I think that's a good idea! You're sure you want this?"
"Yeah I'm sure for sure!"
You laugh. Then you talk with the reception again to take care of everything. They give you the keys.
"So here are the keys, let me guide you to the rooms!"
You guide them searching for the rooms. The rooms are pretty close to each other, so you will be able to spend a lot of time with them.
"So I would say if you get into the 4 persons room now and discuss you goes to the other room with me, I'll take my stuff and bring it to the other room! oh and we eat at 7 P.M.! I'll tell them to make the table bigger cause we're having dinner with 5 more!"
They bring their stuff to their room and you bring yours from one room to another, what is not very easy seen it's already a big mess and everything is out of your bag.
You have had dinner with them and have been hanging out with them after, laughing so much. You and Niall are kinda the same, when everyone was trying to be a little bit serious you two were laughing and couldn't stop. You're so happy you have had the chance to get to know them better tonight and no matter who's gonna be your roommate you'll be happy cause you love and like each of them even more now.
It's getting late and you're tired and still nobody came. You've asked for two keys to be sure everyone can get in any time and promised you'll bring it back tomorrow so they can get in any time even when I decide to sleep. You get into your bed and fall asleep.
After a while you wake up a little bit, you feel an arm around you. One of them is really here in this room, in this bed with you. You look to see who it is and say half asleep.
"yeah what's up?"
"huh are you not sleeping?"
"I am!"
"Oh okay, How was your day?"
"It was really cool, we met this directioner called [yn] and she's really cool. She's windsurfing! And she's so good. Tomorrow she's going to teach it to us but I doubt if I will ever be that good."
"You don't have to be! You're already an amazing singer!"
"We had so much fun last night, we laughed all night, it was amazing! I'm so happy the boys agreed I should share a room with her, Harry liked her too but even he agreed that we fit better together and it's like were made for each other! I've never met a girl like her before and it feels like she's the one who I've been waiting for!"
You totally melt. Then you fall asleep again.
The next day you wake up and Niall is already gone. You change, do your hair and everything and you go downstairs to the restaurant to get some breakfast. When you walk in, you see Niall sitting at the table.
"Niall! I've told you that you guys have to get breakfast together cause we don't have a place for you every time! Now let me sit there please!"
"No! I won't leave!"
"Well okay then I guess I have to do this!"
You walk to him and sit down on his lap. You take everything you need for breakfast from the table and start eating.
"[yn], can I have some food please?"
"Come on! please you know I can't live without food!"
"Yes I know, I just blame Niall for not letting me sit on this chair!"
Niall makes a very sad face but you don't see. You take some food and turn around to feed him the food.
"You're happy now?"
Niall puts a smile on his face.
"I'm the happiest person in the world at this moment!"
"No I think I am! Cause every girl would kill the whole world to sit where I sit right now!"
you laugh and laugh and laugh, you have fun all time during breakfast. Then you brush your teeth together which is even more fun cause you laugh all the time while you try to brush your teeth. Then you get down stairs with all the lads to teach them how to windsurf.
"So guys! are you ready? Then I'll give you a wetsuit!
Can you still remember which size you have for this wetsuits?"
they tell you their sizes and you give them the wetsuits they need.
"Okay so you have the wetsuits, you have bought shoes, so now you can change. I'll show you the changing room!"
You guide them to the changing room.
"So this one is for the male guests who stay here, you can open it with the key of your room! And I would say Niall if you share the key with the others, I can take ours so I can change either!"
All of you put your wetsuits on and then you meet at a place you just discussed to meet each other again.
You picked your sail and waited for them when you suddenly see them coming your way. They looked hot with their clothes on but they look hotter now in wetsuits.
you give all of them a sail and let them carry them to the water. Letting them walk first so you can check them out from behind. Then you let them take the boards. You explain them how to do it and let them try it next. They're doing very well.
After they come your way.
"I really wanna thank you for teaching us! I never thought it would be this difficult but I'm glad I did it and I'm even happier you're my teacher! I think we all would love to see you again after! We've had so much fun together, you're a really nice girl!"
You smile and thank them. Next you spend some time with Niall, just the two of you having a nice and serious conversation and yeah you still laughed a lot. 
"You're for sure the most amazing girl I have met and I would never forgive myself if I would let go this chance! I truly believe you're the girl I've been waiting for all this time!"
You smile with tears in your eyes of happiness.
Niall whips away your tears and kisses you on your mouth.
"Please allow me to get to know you better and make you my girlfriend!"

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