17 April 2012

Long Harry Styles Imagine

You're at an One Direction Signing in London. You waited for like forever and you can't wait to meet them, but you're so nervous at the same time. You've been supporting these lads since they formed One Direction and this is the first time you are going to meet them. 
You don't live close to London but you wanted to go so bad that you decided to combine it with a little holiday. That makes this even more exciting because this is also the first time you go on holiday with only your best friend. 
You just turned 18 and your parents gave this as a birthday present. Your almost there, so close to these guys that makes you smile every day without knowing. 
"I'm so nervous" You say. 
Your BF smiles: "Don't worry I'm here the whole time! but the best thing is: WE ARE REALLY GOING TO MEET THEM IN A FEW MINUTES!!!" 
You're both so happy. Harry is the first you see. Your heart is beating so fast, you feel like you can die within a second. 
Harry says: "Hi, beauty" 
You blush. You can't believe he just said that, you can't say anything anymore. 
Suddenly you just say: "Do you wanna go out with me?" 
You can't believe you just said that. 
Harry smiles "uh I…" 
You say: " I mean I thought you just broke up and you just said beauty to me and I see you actually like older woman and I know I just turned 18 and you're 18 but I like older men/ guys whatever you wanna call them and I think that that says something about us, maybe if two people ,who actually like people who are older than them, go out with each other, well I think that might work out but we'll never know until we try" 
You can barely say it because you're so nervous. 
Harry puts a big smile on his face and looks you deep in your eyes. You can barely breath.
Suddenly Liam whispers to Harry: "I think you should go for it! She's a nice girl and if it's not working out, so what! You've tried it!" 
You're blushing. 
Harry looks back at you and says "Well you seem to be a lovely girl and I think you might be right, so I would love to go out with you!" 
At that moment the security says "NEXT! keep walking you've had your time!"
"Don't you see I'm talking?" you say. 
"Calm down beauty! It's alright! security I know we don't have all the time of the world but we're almost done!" says Harry. 
You smile. Security "Okay one minute not more!" 
"So I see we don't have much time left so we need to finish this conversation fast!" Says Harry. 
You say "Wait I'll give you my number so you can call me to discuss it! I'm here until sunday so just call me!"
You write your number on a small paper and give it to Harry. 
He smiles "Okay I'll call you! What about a romantic dinner together? Make sure you'll wear your most beautiful dress!" 
You just don't know what to say anymore, still blushing with a huge smile on your face. 
Security "You really have to go now!" 
Harry hands you a little paper. You want to open it, 
he says "No! don't open it yet, open it later! I'll see you soon beauty!" 
You go to Liam "So you're Harry's next date! That means we'll meet you later if it turns out to be something!"
"Yes if it turns out to something! But I would love to meet each of you personal no matter if it turns out to be something or not!" 
You say. Liam signs and put on it: To Harry's next date! You laugh. while he gives it to Louis. He looks at what Liam wrote and looks at you. 
"You're dating Harry?" 
"Kinda I guess, I just asked and now we're going out soon" 
"O babe that so nice! I really hope you can give him what he's been looking for! But don't forget Larry Stylinson forever! So if you're dating Harry, you're dating me!" 
You laugh. You also talked a little bit with Niall and Zayn. After you and your BF walk out. 
she says "OMG what was that? Does this mean you're having a date with HARRY STYLES??? OMG!!!" 
"Yes I guess so, Omg I can't believe it! Slap me in the face now!" 
"Why? Why would I do that? For going out with HARRY STYLES?" 
"No just because I think I'm dreaming, just to make sure I'm not" 
Your BF slaps you in the face 
Some unknown man come to you. 
"did you just say you're going out with Harry Styles?" 
"ahahah no I was just joking!" 
And you and your BF walk away laughing. 
"Omg I think I shouldn't do that anymore but now I'm being very serious SUPERMAN!!! We need to go shopping! I need a make-over! He likes older woman so if I want to have a chance I have to make sure he's like "woow he's hot" I need to impress him and look older!" 
"Oh yeah that's a great idea so what about tomorrow? By the way what about the paper he gave you?" 
"I forgot about it! Let's see!" 
You take the paper and open it, it says "I look forward to see you again, what about a romantic dinner tomorrow night? I'll call you tonight! X Harry" 
"Omg so it's going to be tomorrow! So I need a lovely dress and some stunning heels! And we have to go to the hairdresser and I need to find a make-up artist or something a cheap one! Maybe at a beauty shop?" 
"So a manicure tonight? And what about some masks?" 
"YEAHH!! We're going to do this!" 
The next day you wake up and you feel awesome. You wake up your friend. 
"huh What's up? Why are you waking me up?" 
"Do you remember yesterday? At the signing?" 
"When you asked Harry out?" 
"Yes Today is the day!!!" 
You're walking in the streets of London searching for the perfect dress for today. Suddenly you pass a unknown shop, you stop. 
"I don't know what it is but I have a good feeling about this shop, let's take a look!" 
You walk into the shop and your eye catches a beautiful black dress. 
"I think this one is perfect!" 
You try it in the changing room and show your BF the dress 
"This dress is just made for you and perfect for your date! And I saw some shoes which would be lovely with this dress." 
Your BF walks away and come back with some stunning shoes. 
"They're amazing! Pretty high but then I don't look that small next to Harry! And it's definitely not the kind of shoes you see everywhere so it's perfect!" 
You buy both of them and you're going to the hairdresser. You barely recognize yourself after. 
Next stop make-up! You walk into a beauty store and ask if it's possible to make them do your make-up and you can! So you show them the dress and tell them you're having a date and they do your make-up. 
When they want to show you the result in a mirror your friend says "Wait! I think you should put on your dress first and see the full result! Because you truly look amazing!" 
You put one the dress and show up again, they covered a mirror and while you're being nervous they reveal the mirror… you're speechless. 
"OMG I feel like I'm in a make-over show and I just did it to myself.. 
How is Harry going to recognize me? I look like a total different person!" 
"You do! You look absolutely stunning! But now it's time for your date!" 
You thank everyone and say goodbye to your BF and now it's really time. You just can't believe this is really happening! You're at the restaurant. You walk in and say you had a reservation on the name Styles. 
The lady brings you to a separate room filled with candles. You see Harry sitting at a table, looking surprised, he stands up and walks to you. 
"[yn] is that really you? you look amazing!" 
You smile. "Yes it is me!"
You both sit at the table drowning into each others eyes. 
"So you did all of this for me?" 
"Yes for this special lady sitting in front of me!" 
"That's so sweet! How did you do it? A separate room? with candles and everything?" 
"Babe I'm Harry Styles remember?" 
you both laugh. So the whole evening you're talking and laughing and getting to know each other. The lady walks in with just one desert and puts it on the table. 
"Are we only getting one?" 
"Yes babe I thought we're having so much fun and we're having a really nice date so we can share our desert together if you don't mind." 
"aww it's okay, I was just wondering!" 
After the desert Harry pays the bill and you walk out the restaurant. 
"I just want to say that this was my best date ever, better than I could imagine the best date of my life!" 
"Did you have a lot dates?" 
"No, you're the first to be honest! But I guess this is it?" 
"This is it unless you would like to come with me to my apartment?" 
"Are you kidding me? I would love to!" 
Your walking to his apartment. When you arrive Louis opens the door 
"babe you're back! Give me a hug and kiss and everything else!" 
You laugh as Harry look very strange at you. 
"There's nothing going, don't be afraid!" 
"No I'm not afraid I was just think why does Louis need two girls?" 
"No he was thinking I would take you away from him!" 
You and Harry walk in, sitting on the couch with Louis having fun for the rest of the night. 
Suddenly you open your eyes and you see a room you haven't seen before. And you're wearing a men shirt, not being able to remember what happened, all you still remember is your lovely date in the restaurant and being at Harry's apartment. 
"Maybe I'm at Harry's apartment!" 
You walk out of the room and find Harry in the kitchen. 
"Good morning babe I'm making you breakfast!"

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  1. I want to know what happened last night!?!?!?!?!?