17 April 2012

Long Liam Payne Imagine II

It's your birthday.You're sitting behind your laptop again. You spend all your time sitting behind your laptop, tweeting with the 1D Family and trying to get noticed by the lads. You've been trying for ages to get noticed by them but still nothing… Your friends surprised you earlier this day at school, they took some photos and sent them to you and you made one of them your icon for just this day. Your followers wish you a happy birthday and you retweeted them. When you check your interactions again you suddenly see Liam's icon between your interactions, you see that Liam follows you. You're totally dying and jumping through the room of exciting. Then you see someone sent you a Direct Message. You click on it and see Liam again. He says:
"Hi, I saw you're icon and read it's your birthday so Happy birthday!
But that's not it!
I would really like to get to know you better if you allow me to."
You totally can't believe what you just read. You answer him;
"Hi, Liam! Thanks! & I would absolutely love to!"
You talk for some time and then he suddenly asks;
"What are you doing tomorrow night?"
"uhh.. Nothing I guess."
"Cause I would like to watch a movie at my place tomorrow night!"
"Liam, are you serious?"
"I would love to! What time?"
"I'll pick you up at 7 p.m. at you place if you give me your address now!"
You give him your address, then he says he has to go, you say goodbye. You can't believe what just happened, was this really Liam or was this just someone pretending to be Liam. You decide to check it out and you see it's really Liam Payne, it's a verified account. You read the conversation again, he really said all it of it and all on your birthday! 
At night you totally can't sleep cause you're so nervous but also so excited about tomorrow.
The next morning you decide to call a friend cause you can't calm down at all. She takes you shopping for the day, you tell her you're going to watch a movie with some guy tonight but you don't tell her it's Liam cause you don't want her to freak out and you're sure she won't leave you alone if she knows. You're looking around for something to put on tonight cause you have no idea anymore. After some time you find a really cute dress in your favorite shop. Unfortunately it's getting late and you have to go home now if you wanna be at time, you just don't have shoes for the dress. You totally can't walk on high heels and you don't have flats or something but you want to wear that dress so bad that you decide to wear the dress with your converse, the color of your converse comes back in the dress so it won't look that bad. And then it's finally 7 p.m.! Someone knocks the door and you run downstairs to open it before your mum or someone else opens it. 
"Woow [yn] you look beautiful! Even more beautiful than I though you would be!"
You blush.
"Thank you!"
You grab your coat and then go the car with Liam. He opens the door for you and let you get into the car, then he gets into the car on the other side, sitting on the driver seat. 
"You're driving? I didn't know you already have your drivers licence!"
"I have it for a week or something now! You get to know a lot of us but now everything!"
You laugh. During the ride you just keep looking at him cause you really can't believe he sits next to you, even that it is him. After a while you arrive at his apartment. You walk in and he takes your coat from you and hang it up. You sit down on the couch as he gets something to drink for both of you. He comes back with the drinks and puts them on the table.
"Are you ready for the movie?"
"yeah, which movie is it?"
"Just watch and you'll see!"
You smile and he presses the play button to start the movie.
The movie starts, you see the standard Disney start of the movie and you look to Liam and smile.
You see just after that the movie you're watching is Toy Story
! You look at Liam and you see he has an big smile on his face.
"Toy Story! You know I love this movie!"
"Yeah I do!"
You stare into each others eyes for a while and then you look back to the TV. 
"It's Toy Story 3, isn't it?"
"Yes it is! I really hope you like it!"
"Well to be honest, I have always wanted to see Toy Story 3, so don't worry!" 
You continue watching and sometimes you look at Liam to see his happy face watching Toy Story. After some time Liam puts his arm around you and pulls you closer, you lean his way to lie into his arms.
He looks deep into your eyes, you feel him coming closer to you, your noses touch each other and you smile, Liam smiles back. He grabs your face gently, then he slowly leans your way even more until your lips touches his. He kisses you gently, after some time he stops and looks away.
"I'm sorry!"
"No! It's okay!"
Liam looks back to you and you shyly smile.
"I liked it!"
Liam smiles, grabs your face again and starts kissing you again passionately. He carefully lies you down on the couch leaning over you. After some time he stops.
"I think we missed the movie! It just ended!"
You start laughing.
"We can watch it another time! And I'm sure you have already seen it for a few times!"
"Yes I did! And I see it pretty late so maybe you would like to stay here, so we can spend the whole day together tomorrow either and then I'll bring you home tomorrow night?"
"I would absolutely love to! I just don't have anything to sleep in..."
Liam smiles; "I have a lot of shirts, you can take one if you want!"
You smile and give him a tight hug. You talk a lot, have a lot of fun together until it's about 2 A.M. then you decide to go to bed. Liam grabs a shirt out of his closet and gives it to you.
"You can chance in the bathroom! And I have a new toothbrush never used, you can take that one!"
He walks with you to the bathroom to give you the toothbrush and leaves you alone then. You put the shirt on and then Liam knocks on the door.
"Are you ready?"
"I'm about to brush my teeth but you can come in!"
Liam opens the door and walks in, topless, you can't keep your eyes of that beautiful, perfect body of him. He takes his toothbrush and starts brushing his teeth with you. You're joking a little bit with each other looking into the mirror while brushing your teeth. When you're done you get into bed.
"Good night beautiful!"
"Good night Liam!"
"Please allow me to give you a kiss before we go to sleep!"
You turn around to look straight into his eyes and give him a little kiss. Then you go sleeping.
The next morning you wake up, you find yourself in a strange room that's definitely not yours and you feel an arm around you. You turn around to see who it is and you face Liam, he opens his eyes.
"Good morning beautiful!"
"Good morning Liam!"
You get out of bed, Liam gives you his OnePiece to keep you warm and comfortable. He makes you a delicious breakfast and then you change.
"[yn]! I have a surprise for you today! We're going to do something but I want to keep it as a surprise!"
"Okay, so what are you trying to tell me?"
"Well, I want to bring you to some place blinded.."
You laugh and a few minutes later you sit in his car, blinded. After some time you arrive at the secret place, Liam guides you out of the car. He stands in front of you and slowly makes sure you can see where you are. You look around to see where you are at a fair. You laugh and jump into Liam's arms.
"This is great!"
Liam puts a big smile on his face and kisses you.

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